6 ~ Reflections of the World

by neverlandking

Pan, still perched in a tree, sees visions of a world appear before him.  It is a world far beyond his Neverland – of which his recollections are dim.  He cries as he sees landscapes of devastation and a sea of people who, like him, are lonely or who have forgotten how to care for each other.  This wasn’t what he had expected to see and through his songs he begins to imagine a world without boundaries or walls.  A world where Neverland is more than a dream in somebody’s imagination.

Pan looks at himself in a mirror there
But sees reflections of the world stripped bare
He wonders why so few really care
And through his songs he longs to share
His dream of a Foreverland
Speechless in his heavenly place
He dares imagine a world without hate
Where love and hope and faith and grace
Crash through the walls of Neverland.