The King of Neverland

by neverlandking

1 ~ A valley of hope lies unseen, nestled between gentle mountains that shimmer gold and green.  Longing is thick in the air like the billowing plumes of steam from a train that chugs its way around the plain.  On board the laughter of children echoes through carriages full of faces which sparkle and gleam.  They wave at the children playing in the forest whose beaming eyes open wide with wonder and seem to pray to stay in this place of dreams.

Between the mountains of gold and green
Lies a valley of hope unseen,
A place of longing, escape and dream.
And round the park a train of steam
Chugs merrily through Foreverland.
And in the forest children play,
Sparkling and gleaming their faces gay
Eyes filled with wonder they seem to pray
To stay in Neverland.


2 ~ Foreverland hums with the sound of bees.  They rise and fall on a gentle breeze.  And listen!  Can you hear music blowing through the trees?  And look at the clock, stuck at quarter to three!  Is that Peter Pan over there, can you see?  Run and skip and play with me.

Around the flowers the humming bees
Rise and fall upon the breeze
Listening to music blow through the trees,
A moment only time can freeze
In beautiful Foreverland.
But where? Where is  Peter Pan?
Is he boy or is he man?
Catch a glimpse if you can
The King of Neverland.


3 ~ And in our joy and excitement we can almost see him standing before us.  So proud and defiant, confident and triumphant.  He is with us sharing the fun of all the rides and adventures of the funfair.

A painted carousel of colours bright
Spins faster still to much delight;
The pirate ship may even fright
As it swoops to earth with all its might
Down towards Foreverland;
But who can see him dancing there?
Or hear his voice so pure and rare?
Beguiled we cannot help but stare
The King of Neverland.


4 ~ Peter is alone and very sad the children cannot see him.  He watches the sky at night unaware the angels are watching over him.  He sees shooting stars and vast constellations in the darkening skies.  Shadows are closing in now, but what terrors silently lie in wait outside the gates?

Only angels way up high
Dancing in the evening sky
Listen to his fervent cry.
He gazes as the stars fall by
Over his Foreverland.
Dark figures loom outside the gate,
Hovering in the shadows late,
Silently, they lie in wait
Outside those walls of Neverland.


5 ~ The Giving Tree is a beautiful tree and shows Pan the world beyond Neverland.  Shadows of another world appear and create haunting melodies and words in his mind.  Pan yearns for his childhood and longs to escape his loneliness.

There Pan sits in the Giving Tree
Its gentle embrace sets him free
Lifting his spirit steadily
Forgetting he feels quite lonely
As he looks upon Foreverland
He wonders what lies in the shadow
And in his mind the lyrics grow
Imagining what he longs to know
What lies beyond his Neverland.


6 ~ Pan, still perched in a tree, sees visions of a world appear before him.  It is a world far beyond his Neverland – of which his recollections are dim.  He cries as he sees landscapes of devastation and a sea of people who, like him, are lonely or who have forgotten how to care for each other.  This wasn’t what he had expected to see and through his songs he begins to imagine a world without boundaries or walls.  A world where Neverland is more than a dream in somebody’s imagination.

Pan looks at himself in a mirror there
But sees reflections of the world stripped bare
He wonders why so few really care
And through his songs he longs to share
His dream of a Foreverland
Speechless in his heavenly place
He dares imagine a world without hate
Where love and hope and faith and grace
Reach far beyond his Neverland.


7 ~Pan is a dreamer and his vivid imagination helps to lift him out of his despair.  Sometimes, he is startled by his own reflection and reminded of his loneliness and isolation.

Sometimes he dreams of having wings
Of romance, love and other things
Sometimes his spirit soars and brings
Him closer to some truth and he sings
Joyously to his Foreverland
And sometimes in his mirror clear
Pan starts at one who seems too near
He sees himself stare back in fear
The King of Neverland.


8 ~ Pan continues to sing in the hope that Neverland will continue to live in the hearts and minds of those who cherish it. He feels the cold chill of skepticism and fear pierce his soul, but Pan continues to hold on to his dreams.

Still, through his songs his soul he bares,
For all who hope and hear his prayers.
The dreams are there for he who dares
To rise above those ghoulish mares
Who silently haunt Foreverland.
He feels the shadows of death draw near
Scornful of that which most they fear
Pan clings on to dreams so dear
Of beautiful, beautiful Neverland

to be continued…